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Ms. Sierra Wiggins has been my life style trainer at Crossroads for over seven years. My overall health and well-being has benefited greatly from her dedication and extensive knowledge base. Before I started working out with Ms. Wiggins, my lower back ached on a near daily basis usually requiring ibuprofen or the like for partial pain relief. I am currently delightfully pain free and truly grateful to Ms Wiggins. 

A few years ago, I tore my right meniscus while downhill skiing. Ms. Wiggins was crucial to my good recovery. She had the ability to alter the group exercise so that I could also benefit which aided in my successful rehabilitation. My strength, duration and confidence while skiing has also improved dramatically. 

Ms. Wiggins continues to expand her education by frequently attending seminars and workshops. She in turn will then enthusiastically share her enhanced knowledge with her clients. 

I can’t say enough about Ms. Wiggins. She has a delightful caring persona making exercise challenging, fun, educational, self-fulfilling and most importantly life altering. Ms. Wiggins not only helps me in all aspects of my life but “truly walks the walk” making her an awesome role model. 

Respectfully, Jodi S. Saro


To whom it may concern:  

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Sierra Wiggins for the Whole30 or nutritional coaching. 

Sierra and I met 12 years ago on our high school softball field. I knew from the first glance that she was fierce, driven and capable of so much. Over the last 10 years, her friendship and mentorship have helped shape my life. 

Sierra introduced me to the Whole30 in 2015. Her support and encouragement throughout the program was paramount to my success. Because of her, I was able to complete my first Whole30, which has led to a mostly Paleo-esque lifestyle for myself. In turn, I was able to spread this good information to my roommates and help them with their first Whole30. Because of Sierra, and the ripple effect she created, we are all leading healthier lives. Her knowledge of the Whole30 program and compassion for helping others has changed the lives of her clients, family and friends. Anyone who has the privilege to know Sierra, can attest to this. 

She has incorporated the Whole30 lifestyle into her daily routine and continues to advocate for the program. Her support and helpful daily tips are what makes this program sustainable, not to mention her creativity in the kitchen. This program has helped make Sierra a legitimately good cook. Her resources for this program as well as health in general, seem to be limitless. Her passion runs deep and I’m so grateful for her in my life. 

The best part of having Sierra as a resource, is that she makes herself available to answer any questions. She is willing, and often excited to dive deeper into topics to discuss the best information. Every time we chat, she is reading a new book, and working on becoming an even better version of herself. She continues to stay up to date on all thing’s nutrition and lifestyle, and is diligent about broadening her knowledge in these areas. 

Love, Hannah Howard

My husband, Andrew, and I first met Sierra Wiggins when we joined the Crossroads Fitness gym in Grand Junction, Colorado. We were among her very first clients after she graduated from Colorado Mesa University, and if we hadn't moved away from the area almost 2 years ago, she would still be our coach.

We worked with Sierra twice a week almost every week for seven years in one of her small group classes. Sierra is an amazing person, always with a smile on her face and an infectious energy. As a coach, she seems to know instinctively when to push you hard and when to ease up a little. Her classes were always evolving as her client's needs changed and as the exercise industry evolved.

As we look back on it now, Sierra evolved from an exercise coach to a health expert as she gained knowledge of how nutrition and fitness combined to help create a healthier person. Her interest in nutrition and her desire to incorporate it into her support of her clients became evident when we noticed how much stronger and fitter she suddenly became - she had completed her first Whole 30.

Two things about Sierra, she always reads all of the available data to make sure the latest idea was more than a fad and she always tried it on herself before introducing it to her clients. She was so genuinely excited about Whole 30 that we had to try it. While both of us lost weight and more specifically body fat, how we felt after completing the plan was the most amazing outcome - cleaner, healthier, more energetic. Sierra helped us through the first tough days of Whole 30, supported our struggles and celebrated our successes. Sierra has kept me a very young 60 years old and my husband still competes in Ironman triathlons thanks to her. We could not have lived the lives we have lived so far without her.

Sincerely, Ginny McBride, RN, MPH

Orlando, Flordia 


Not near enough words to adequately express my enthusiasm for all you bring to my life, but I also know that peoples' attention spans are short.  So here goes.

Sierra Wiggins, Trainer Extraordinaire!

Be it the latest findings on strength training, cardio health or nutrition, I am the lucky recipient of Sierra's thirst for knowledge.

     Positive Attitude - check

     Positive Attitude - check - check!

     Nutrition Coaching - check

     Sport specific strengthening - stellar

Best of all, I'm never bored.  I love that all I need do is to show up and I am guaranteed a full body workout. Dedication amongst friends and exemplary leadership by Sierra makes everything possible.

Sierra's enthusiasm to make the world a healthier place shows and the ripples reach far and wide. As she coaches me, I hope to inspire others.

Yes - Find Your Fire!! Sierra helps me do just that

Jean McFall, Grand Junction, CO


Since attending small group fitness classes led by Sierra nearly four years ago, my general strength and fitness levels have improved dramatically. She has given me the tools to improve my balance and flexibility, as well as helped me change my negative body image into a more positive one. I appreciate the way Sierra pays close attention to each student’s individual physical needs. She is constantly seeking out new knowledge about health and wellness and eagerly passes along study/research findings that she thinks will benefit her training clients. Working with Sierra has enriched my life immensely, both physically and mentally. She is a champion!!

Sharon Poling, Grand Junction, CO


I have known Sierra Wiggins for almost 10 years. I have a degree in Fitness and Health and I used to be a personal trainer, but when I am ever in doubt, I always go to Sierra for advise. Not only advice on nutrition, advice on everything really. Relationships,  mentality, school/work, even time management. She's got it all nailed down to a science. I probably text her once a week about new fad diets, supplements, vitamins, even how to prep food and she is always there for me with a quick educated response. Sierra  is one of the smartest people I know, especially when it comes to one's physical and mental health. She has been through some stuff, and literally made her body her own little science project to make sure she was back to feeling 100%. To cutting out certain  foods and nutrients, to sleep, to even taking a break from every day life (which we all know is hard for her because she is go go go.) Sierra is one of the hardest workers I know and will do anything to not only succeed for herself, but for you as well. She  will put all of her time and energy into you, if you give her the chance. You have one question? She will come back with paragraphs of studies she has read or even how she feels about it.  Sierra  has never done anything half- assed...she puts her full yoga booty into it! I am blessed to have a friend who is so smart and educated about how to make ourselves the best we can be. 

Sara Stephenson, Grand Junction, CO