Let me help you " Find Your Fire"and allow you to start building the healthy life you deserve! 

- Health Coach Sierra Wiggins-

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If someone saw “you,” what would they see? What would you want them to see?

As I grow older and wiser, I realize there are two things you never get back in your life and that’s your time and your health.

Where do you see yourself right now?  Where do you want to be?  Are you there?  Are you still growing?

Life seems so simple. Wake up, go to work, do the thing, eat, drink, sleep, repeat.  Right?  Does this feel good?  Are you excited about Mondays?  Do you have a reason to live your life with purpose, happiness, vigor…?

My mission in life is to help you find out who you want to be and to live your life with vitality.  I want to help guide you to your best life by navigating the complications of today’s world’s stressors and help you figure out what is holding you back by bettering your physical and mental health. 

You are only given one shot in life. 

By dictionary terms, vitality is ‘’having the capacity to live and to grow, or physical or mental energy or strength.  An example of vitality is a person who is young, strong and excited 

about all aspects of life.”

As 29-year-old women, going on 30, I think about all the “things” that could have helped me when I was younger.  Don’t care so much about what others think, be you, more yoga, less running, more weight training, less chronic cardio, more loving, less overthinking, more doing, less seclusion, more nurturing, less indulgence, and more importantly, being true to yourself.  I also wish a had more guidance to what true holistic health really means… nutrition, movement, play, sunshine, sleep, stress management, and definitely the good or bad that relationships have on one’s life.  Balance, in all those things not just one or a few.  It has taken me a lot of time to figure out my own personal self-limiting beliefs and triggers that have held me back from spending my time wisely and living my healthiest life possible, to its fullest potential.  I have put a lot of time, money, and dedication into studying all aspects of health in order to help others find their potential.  When I can help someone, they can help someone else, and the belief in this tool can be a powerful manifestation.  

“Find your Fire” just came to me one day, when I was thinking about my clientele and how they have shaped with me over the years I thought about how strong they already were, but now how much more ambitious, out spoken, self-motivated for growth, overall physically healthier, and confident they had become by just being my authentic self for them. I love showing up for people, and my people love showing up for me.  

My favorite color is red and to me it signifies strength, confidence, power, blood flow, life, energy, beauty, vitality.  I love being a girly girl at times (of course red lipstick is my power move) and on the flip side, most days, I embrace the au natural and getting earthy and nerdy.  So here I am embracing my nerdy, strong, yet caring personality who has found her fire.  It is through my own personal struggles, ambition to grow, and my love for science that I am here today to help others.  I see red in the best way possible and I want to be your guide to help you find your fire too.


My mission is to help people navigate the complications of the modern world by learning how to eat, sleep, and move better.  I believe that when an individual and or a household makes the right decisions everyone is not only healthier but also happier and YOU are never to old or young to start.  My mantra is "healthy bodies are happy healthy minds!"  We live in a VERY BUSY world so I recognize the importance time management; fitting in fitness and figuring out how to make your food quick and easy and making those decisions can be daunting.  I also realize that there is not a one way approach for everyone when it comes to health and sustainability.  My job is to help the individual find their balance with their own divine spiritual intuition.  

Wellness Experience


My personal extensive experiences, 8 years of work as a Personal Trainer, and my education through Primal Health Coach Institute allows me to confidently navigate and guide you through this crazy thing we call life.  My client success stories reflect my ability to help clients improve their health and achieve a higher level of satisfaction in their lives. 

Active Coaching


My degree in Kinesiology, extensive training, and continued education completes my coaching arsenal – allowing me to provide you, the client, with the tools and methods you need to achieve your physical goals in an appropriate manner. 


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